Cathy Cline

8th degree 八段

June 2012

At the 2012 Master Camp in Philadelphia, Sensei Cline tested for and was awarded her 8th Degree black belt! This is a rank held by only a few people in the ISKF.

July 17th, 2006

During his annual visit, Master Okazaki presented Sensei Cathy Cline with a beautifully boxed, JKA certificate for 7th Degree. Only two women in the world hold this distinction. Sensei, all your students are very proud. Congratulations!

June 2006

While attending ISKF Master Camp 2006, Sensei Cline tested for, and was promoted to Instructor B. This is one more outstanding achievement on her long and successful career. Congratulations!

June 16th, 2005

Sensei Cathy Cline is featured in the Seattle Times, recognized for her accomplishments in Shotokan karate.

June 2005

At the annual ISKF Masters Camp in Pennsylvania, Sensei Cathy Cline successfully passed her examination for 7th dan. The examination was administered by Masters Okazaki, Yaguchi, Takashina, Mikami, and Koyama. This is a great achievement for Sensei Cline, our Washington clubs, the Northwest region, and the organization. A milestone for women in karate, because it is the first 7th dan awarded to a woman in the JKA/ISKF organization.