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When is the best time to start learning karate?
Now! All that is required is an open mind and a desire to learn.

Adults come to karate training for many reasons. Unlike some other sports or physical activities, karate performance and understanding continues to develop as the practitioner ages.

Physical Education, Healthy Exercise
Karate training offers a full-body, physical work-out that helps the practitioner develop physical fitness, strength, coordination and balance.
Mental Agility & Concentration
Learning new skills, combinations, and forms helps to keep the brain healthy and developing. The practice of karate requires and develops the ability to fully focus and apply oneself in the moment, which can improve concentration.
Karate training develops practical skills that can be used in self-defense. Karate practitioners are more aware of their surroundings and move through daily life with confidence, which can deter attacks.
Spirit & Character Development
The workout with repetition is great for relieving concerns and stress. Through commitment, karate practitioners develop patience, resilience, and a strong spirit.
Preparing for and competing in karate tournaments provides an exciting opportunity to test your skills against other students.

Getting Started

We don't have a specific beginner program. You can attend any class marked Adults, All Ranks or Adults, White-Purple. To get started, just show up a few minutes early and introduce yourself. Your first few classes will involve a lot of private or semi-private instruction, but you'll be training right alongside the other students. This gives you the support you need to get started while also letting you see where you are headed.

Class Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Which style of martial art is right for me?

This one could fill a book, but here's the short version. If you have specific ideas about the martial art you want to study, you should study that one. Want to be a UFC champ? Join one of the many UFC schools. Interested in throws – Judo. Swords – Kendo or Iaido. Google can help you find what you're looking for. If you don't have very specific ideas, you can get a great benefit from the study of any martial art. Don't worry too much about the style; just choose a good school and try it out.

How do I choose a good martial arts school?

I'm sorry, you can't choose a good martial arts school on the Internet or on the phone. You have to visit and watch a class or try a class or two. Obviously you want to see clean, well-cared-for facilities. After that, you're watching how the instructor and the students interact. Respect should go both ways. A good instructor who has a good rapport with their students is more important than what style of martial art they're teaching! If you are not permitted to freely watch a class, that should be a red flag. Some schools will instead invite you to take a free lesson, but that will likely be a private lesson and won't give you a sense of a normal class or how the instructor and students interact.

How fit should I be before I start Karate?

One of the great things about Karate training is that it fits each individual who participates. An older overweight beginner and a younger fitter black belt can take the same class and each come out with new insights and development. If you are just recovering from an injury, please let the instructor know so they can monitor your pace of learning and intensity of training.

Do I need a uniform?

For your first few classes, just wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in - sweatpants, shorts or leggings and a t-shirt work well. Once you've decided that karate training is for you, you will need to buy a white karate uniform, called a gi. These vary in price, but the uniforms we stock are $60-$70.