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Kids Classes at WWSKG

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Kids get so much from karate training. And it's great fun too!

Physical Education, Healthy Exercise
Karate training improves coordination, balance, and body awareness. It is also a great physical workout. It can be a gateway to other sports as it is a very structured way to introduce kids to the joy of movement.
Learning Self-Confidence
Kids are wired to learn and karate is rich with techniques and forms and an infinite variety of movement combinations! The structure and repetition of karate training means that everyone improves, step by step. And that progress creates self-confidence.
The practice of karate requires and develops the ability to fully focus and apply oneself to the present situation, which can improve concentration. This is a skill that carries through to many other aspects of life!
Spirit & Character Development
Through commitment, karate practitioners develop patience, resilience, and a strong spirit. Etiquette and respect are important and emphasized characteristics of a karate class and these ways of interacting with others will hopefully carry over into everyday life as well.
Preparing for and competing in karate tournaments provides an exciting opportunity to test your developing skills against other students.

Getting Started

We don't have a specific beginner program, but are always accepting new students. We think kids should be at least 6 ½ or 7 to begin. We think that's the age when kids are developmentally ready to get the most from karate training.

Kids can attend any class marked Kids, All Ranks or Kids, White-Purple. To get started, just show up a few minutes early and speak with our instructors. The first few classes will involve a lot of private or semi-private instruction, but beginners train right alongside the other students. This gives them the support they need to get started while also letting them see where they are headed.

Class Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Which style of martial art is right for my kids?

Kids can get a great benefit from the study of just about any martial art. Our advice is to find a good school and jump in.

How do I choose a good martial arts school?

I'm sorry, you can't choose a good martial arts school on the Internet or on the phone. You have to visit a school and watch a class. You want to see clean, well-cared-for facilities. You want to watch how the instructor and the students interact. Respect should go both ways. You want to observe the other children who are training. They should be having fun, and you should be able to see a progression of skills from the lower ranks to the upper ranks. A good instructor who has a good rapport with their students is more important than what style of martial art they're teaching!
Red flag: If you are not permitted to watch a regular class, but are instead invited to participate in a free private lesson, this will not give you the information you need.
Red flag: If you are asked to sign a contract, try a different club. Likely you'll find one as good or better without that requirement.

Do we need to buy a uniform?

For the first few classes, just have your kids wear comfortable clothing they can move easily in - sweatpants, shorts or leggings and a t-shirt work well. If you and the kids decide to continue, you will need to buy the white karate uniform, called a gi. Our kids gis are $30.